Travel Health Certificates

Planning a domestic vacation?  Thinking of bringing your best furry friend along for the ride?  Be prepared and get a Travel Health Certificate for your dog or cat prior to leaving on vacation!

Traveling with our four-legged friends can be exciting and fun but also requires owners to plan ahead.  If you are traveling across state lines, you will need to have a health certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian.  This certificate states that the veterinarian has examined your pet and has determined that your pet is free of infectious diseases and satisfies all import requirements of the receiving state or territory.  Be sure to do your homework and know which vaccines and documents are required!

At Munhall Veterinary Hospital, our doctors are certified to issue domestic health certificates.  Once you know your travel destination, give the hospital a call and we can help walk you through the process.  For additional information and resources, please visit the USDA’s website on APHIS Pet Travel.